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Octoberfest Visitor Has Difficulty Recalling Event

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

A visitor to the 2022 Octoberfest claims he had a great time at this years Octoberfest although he did fail to recollect exactly what it was about the event that he enjoyed.

The gentleman, a long time visitor to Red River and a big fan of Octoberfest events says he spends the month of October every year attending multiple events in different parts of the country practicing his Octoberfest skills and hopes to someday be good enough to attend the "Mother of All Octoberfest's" in Munich. If this were to happen he exclaimed "This would be the culmination of all my life's work and would surpass the birth of my children in the list of my life long accomplishments".

When asked what skills he is working on perfecting, the Chicken Dance comes to the top of the list, followed by Bratwurst consumption. "The training is difficult and the Bratwurst practice has definitely had an affect on my waistline, finding a tailor to make my Lederhosen bigger is not easy". He also stated that it is helpful to know at least a little bit of German profanity otherwise "It would be hard to fit in".

When asked why he had trouble recollecting exactly what it was he enjoyed about this year's Octoberfest, he said it may have something to do with his fondness for German Pilsners and then added that he wished Octoberfest would last all year long.

Regardless he said, Red River is one of his favorites and he is planning on returning next year.

- Rob Swan

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