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RED RIVER - Naked People No Longer Allowed In Forest.

On May 31st, the Carson National Forest issued a new rule banning public nudity within the Carson National Forest.

Forest Service rule number 36 C.F.R. § 261.58(j) now prohibits "Being Publicly Nude" within the Carson National Forest. No one is sure why the rule was written but as with the emergence of most rules and laws, most likely someone was abusing the privilege necessitating the need for the new rule. So in order to get to the bottom of this, a call was made to the Questa Ranger District in order to find out why the rule was put in place and if it also applied to driving your dirtbike or UTV.

A very helpful and friendly gentleman at the Forest Service explained that he had no knowledge of complaints of naked people in the forest but did confirm that you could be cited if you were naked or "flashed" someone, he also confirmed that this rule does also prevent you from driving your dirtbike or UTV without your clothes on. So now we know.

If you are used to coming to Red River and running around in the forest in your birthday suit, you could now be cited into federal court where of course you will then for sure be required to put your clothes on.

Stay out of trouble, keep your clothes on and we'll see you this summer.


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