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We Are Wearing Out Our Police Lights. No Side x Sides on Main St.

As you know (or are supposed to know) Side x Sides are not allowed on Main St. As a concerned citizen I am worried that our Red River Deputies are starting to experience workplace fatigue from having to pull so many over. The police lights on their cars also appear to be wearing out from excessive use. Like all equipment, police lights have a lifespan and we would like them to last for more than one month. I'm sure the cost of the forms that they use to write warnings and citations is significant, so if our town could save a little money there, that would be helpful.

Red River is a small town with a small budget so if we could save a few bucks on lights and forms we could spend it elsewhere to make our town even greater. It is predicted that Side x Sides will be legal on Main St sometime this Fall, so until then, hold your horses and please do your part and don't ride your Side x Side on Main St and if you see someone else doing it, a friendly reminder would go a long way.

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