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Christmas Karen Speaks About Red River Christmas Movie

Karen Schaler aka Christmas Karen, a three time Emmy Award winning writer whos achievements include movies for Netflix, Lifetime, and Hallmark channels along with multiple novels about Christmas was in Red River to learn about the town and discuss a potential project that would be focused on a Red River Christmas story.

The project is being headed up by the Red River Business Alliance who's mission is to advocate for Red River businesses and promote tourism.

Karen enthusiastically discussed the writing and movie making process and also spent a significant amount of time talking to attendees about their lives in Red River and their favorite Red River Christmas stories.

No time frame has been set for the screen play as the Red River Business Alliance is still in the process of obtaining funding for the project. During the meeting, Karen made it clear that anything regarding Hollywood is a gamble, which prompted Matt Dietz, President of the Business Alliance to exclaim, "In that case we should bet on Red River" to which the crowd unanimously agreed.

Karen plans to spend a few days in town visiting with more residents to get a feel for what Red River is all about and work on developing a draft storyline.

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