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Enchanted Circle Septic, Red River's Newest Business

There's a new kid in town and they're ready to do business. Proprietors Robert and Sharon Brannon who hail from Joshua Tx. made the decision to expand their successful business, Brannon Septic from Joshua to our mountain community in order to provide our homeowners with quality service at very competitive rates. Brannon Septic has been in business for almost two decades in Tx. so they know a bit about the industry.

Robert has been coming to Red River for over 50 years and according to him " This is something I have always wanted to do". The Red River branch known as Enchanted Circle Septic, will be run by their daughter Brooke and her husband Gary along with their brand new six wheel drive, 4,000 gallon capacity truck. Brooke and Gary also have three children that will be attending the Red River Charter School.

Everything with the Brannon's is a family affair, which is apparent by the number of children and grandchildren that accompanied them to Red River to help get them settled in and get the business up and running.

Enchanted Circle Septic has an informative website that will not only provide information about the business but also allows you to set up an appointment for service (how cool is that?) You can visit their website at or just give them a call at 575-224-6591

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