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Ice Dams Cause Flooding On Tenderfoot Trail

Thursday morning residents on Tenderfoot Trail located on the West side of Red River woke up to localized flooding due to ice dams building along the length of Pioneer Creek.

Water was flowing into the roadway and adjacent residential lots flooding yards along with phone and electrical boxes.

Due to the fact that parts of Pioneer Creek lie on Forest Service land, Kim Leach, Broker at Swan Realty reached out to the Forest Service for guidance on how to handle the situation. After being notified, Ricardo Leon with the US Forest Service responded promptly by email indicating that he was able to touch base with officials at the Town Of Red River giving Forest Service support to use any equipment necessary to break up ice on Forest Service land. Isaac Cisneros with the Town Of Red River indicated that part of the problem was on private land and the town was working on addressing the situation.

As of this writing, Red River's hardworking crews were dealing with the situation and will hopefully have it resolved by this evening.


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