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Red River's "Big Dig" Is Underway

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

This week marked the start of Red River's water main replacement. The current cast iron main was installed in the late 1960's or early 1970's (nobody really knows) and has been in need of replacement for sometime. The current line has been plagued with frequent leaks and breakages at times rendering the towns water pressure at dangerously low levels.

The cast iron line will be replaced with a modern and more efficient PVC line. Additional valves will also be installed to allow the town to shut off water to certain smaller sections of the municipality if need be. Currently, if the water needs to be shut off, it involves shutting off large sections of the town, inconveniencing many residents and businesses. With the installation of more valves, the town will be able to shut off small sections without affecting a large area.

The new line which was funded through a 1.8 million dollar loan obtained from the NM State Rural Infrastructure Project Fund will be installed in Main St from just east of town hall all the way to Oro Fino Trail on the west end. The work has been contracted to Sanchez Demolition out of Albuquerque. The contractor is obligated to complete the project within 150 days from date of commencement, however, the project is expected to be completed well before then.

Rob Swan

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