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Residents Are Getting Too Much Sleep, NM Gas Co Determines. Schedules Line Cleaning To Rectify.

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Residents on the west side of Red River were awakened late Wednesday night to what appeared to be a Boeing 747 departing their neighborhood. The deafening sound prompted multiple 911 calls along with some residents making plans for what appeared to be the end of their natural lives.

However, it turns out that the excruciating noise was merely NM Gas Company cleaning out their lines in the middle of the night. Apparently someone, somewhere at NM Gas decided that the local residents were in fact sleeping too much so the line cleaning was scheduled at night in order to keep them awake for an additional hour or so.

A subsequent gas line cleanout was scheduled the following day just to insure that no residents tried to grab a nap to make up for the lost sleep.

A call was made to NM Gas for comment but the call was placed on hold for 20 minutes then disconnected.

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