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How Did Mardi Gras Get To Red River, NM?

Updated: Jan 6

The Biggest Ski Town Party In The Southwest is the Mardi Gras in Red River, NM, but how did it get here? Mardi Gras transcends its New Orleans roots, as evidenced by its adoption in Red River, NM. This innovation began decades ago when the Red River Chamber of Commerce recognized that many Louisianans, traditionally in town for skiing during Mardi Gras, might appreciate a similar festivity. Louisiana natives lent their expertise, guiding our community in replicating an authentic Mardi Gras atmosphere. Their advice was straightforward: host as many parties as possible within a week, establish various 'Krews' to manage these parties, ensure an ample supply of alcohol and beads, then extend invitations to everyone.

The concept swiftly gained traction among the local ski instructors who during that era were the vast majority of the Red River party scene. The thought of non-stop week long parties aligned perfectly with everything they believed in. Thus, 'Mardi Gras in the Mountains' was born.

Over the years, this annual celebration has blossomed, consistently attracting throngs of visitors, filling hotels, bars, and restaurants. It's become a coveted mix of skiing, partying and socializing in our beloved mountain town.

The event's highlights include a unique drink-making contest, known more for its entertaining, often risque performances than the cocktails themselves. Additionally, the nightly 'krew' balls, the entertaining Mardi Gras Parade, and the family-friendly kids' ball are major draws.

If you are thinking about attending you can find more information on the official web page or by contacting the chamber of commerce.

Rob Swan

Red River Mardi Gras costume
Mardi Gras In The Mountains


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