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Race The Face, Snowmobile Race, Red River NM

Updated: Jan 1

Red River New Mexico's “Race The Face” snowmobile race takes place the second Saturday in January every year and as always provides for some great and exciting entertainment. 

This annual event is held at “The Face” ski run located at the bottom of the Red River Ski Area right in front of the Lift House allowing you to grab a beverage and watch as snowmobiles race from the bottom to the top of The Face. 

Competitors compete against each other in multiple classes, racing one at a time against the clock for the best times. The action is fast paced so you better be paying attention. The race starts when the lifts close at 4pm and the competitors line up to test their riding skills and machines. 

Classes range from stock factory machines to fully modified turbo charged, nitrous injected hill climbing beasts. Competitors range from 12 years old all the way up to senior racers.. 

Entry for spectators is free, just be sure to wear warm clothes as the temperature drops rapidly once the sun goes behind the mountain.

Rob Swan


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