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Review: Red River 4th of July Parade

Beautiful mountains, fire trucks, Classic muscle cars, paying homage to veterans, what more could you want from a 4th of July parade? Red River offers such an amazing parade that it kept my children entertained and engaged throughout the entire event. My family waved at the firefighters, stood at attention for soldiers, caught a glimpse of summer time Santa and sprawled out for the enormous amounts of candy! My daughter was mesmerized by the horses and my sons were obsessing over the aliens that waved their direction. I have been to parades all over Texas and other states… this was, hands down, a favorite for my family. Happy 4th of July!

- Johnny H

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Jul 07, 2022

The trails are awesome and a fun day trip for the family. Just the right level of challenge for the kids and a fun stroll for the parents.also amazing brewery company .

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