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Music Review - Garry Blackchild "Just A Black Man In New Mexico Trying To Not Get Myself Killed"

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

I spent the early part of the Evening at Madam's Lounge and Theater being entertained by one of my favorite New Mexico artists, Garry Blackchild. Blackchild, a talented guitar player, song writer, and story teller who on this evening was accompanied on stage by Mexico Lopez who filled in with harmonica and vocal sound effects, between the two of them, they kept the crowd laughing and cheering throughout the evening.

Garry's music is a cross between country and folk with a gritty, down in the dirt New Mexico vibe. The majority of his lyrics and story telling revolve around his experiences of life, love, adventure and in his words "Drinking like a bunch of pendejos" in the Land Of Enchantment and throughout the south. Listening to songs entitled "Espanola Girl" to "Ruidoso Bound" you can learn about his travels and many mishaps throughout the state.

The name "Blackchild" came from a nickname his Choctaw grandmother use to call him. Garry figured "Blackchild" would make a great stage name and so became, Garry Blackchild - Rebel Folk Singer.

Garry's path to success has been tough and dangerous at times. Garry recounts a time in Ruidoso when a bar patron confronted him in the parking lot after a show, he was upset about the fact that a black man was singing country music. Garry went on to survive the incident and wrote a song that chronicled the event with a chorus line that includes " I'm Just A Black Man In New Mexico Trying Not To Get Myself Killed".

Garry's great sense of humor and musical talents combined with his unique perspective definitely make for a fun evening. Highly recommended.

-Rob Swan

Swan Realty

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