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Red River Has So Much Snow We Are Now Requesting Tourists To Take Some Home With Them

With almost 20" of snowfall within the past few days there is definitely plenty of the white stuff to go around.

This weekend marks the last few days that the ski are will be open and once it is closed we are no longer in need of all this snow, so if you happen to be visiting, feel free to take home as much as you would like.

Contrary to popular belief, snow doesn't just melt and go away, it first turns into mud then goes away, so the more you can take back with you, the less mud we will have to deal with.

There is no special permit or paperwork needed, simply grab an armful, or better yet, get a shovel and start loading up your car. Red River has plenty of backhoes and wheel loaders around, so if you are in need of an extra large load, it can definitely be arranged.

On another note, we would like to thank everyone who visited Red River this winter to partake in the never ending fun and shenanigans that we do so well and we can't wait to see you back here this summer.

-Rob Swan


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