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Review: The Play That Goes Wrong

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Opening night sold out and I now know why. The Rail House at the Alpine Lodge proved to be the perfect place for this entertaining show.

This production, by Pavement Ends Studios had everyone entertained (even my teenage son).

Prior to the main event, the actors are milling around the crowd speaking to the attendees while in character with one of them incessantly searching for a Duran Duran CD. The funny part about that was the number of people who had no idea who Duran Duran was or the others that were helping him look for it. Anyway, that by itself was funny.

The play revolves around a murder, but the story is more about how the actors in the murder mystery just can't get anything correct, from missed lines, to prop failures, and even accidently incapacitating an actress who's last minute stand in appears as a male with her dress on and way to much lipstick.

From the $15 ticket to the availability of Sheehan Wines, there is no reason not to go.

The show runs through this weekend and tickets are available by calling the Alpine Lodge 575-754-2952


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